I believe…

That true health and wellness are about waaaay more than just the absence of disease.

That many aspects of your health are truly within your control (and that’s a good thing!).

That the ways in which conventional medicine manages disease are completely bass-ackwards (and does you a major disservice).

That one-size-fits-all diets don’t exist (no diet can be everything for everyone… though most people could benefit from reducing chronic inflammation).

multi-colored grape tomatoes in a white bowl

zucchini on cutting board

That eating doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Or stressful. Or super expensive.

That vegetables can actually taste amazing and be crave-able (food can be nutritious and taste good).

That tracking calories is essentially meaningless (and calories are the last thing you should think about if you actually want to lose weight for good).

That the best version of your life is well within reach (and it’s time to step up to claim it).


I’m just scratching the surface.

Who am I?

Oh heyyy. I’m Amanda Austin.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for over a decade, I’ve helped countless people get to the root of their health issues so they could finally be free to start living the lives they’ve envisioned. 

Even though I’m a dietitian, I’m not your everyday dietitian.

I don’t obsessively track calories.

I have a love of butter, bacon, eggs, and real salt.

I don’t spend my time creating menus.

And I’ve definitely never been one to blindly follow the herd (I’m basically constantly challenging conventional nutrition/health advice). 

My approach to nutrition and health is…

Simple. Honest. Attainable. Playful. Holistic and evidence-based.

On a professional level…

I have a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Michigan State University (go Spartans!) and I completed my dietetic internship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. I passed my exam and officially became a dietitian in January 2009.

I moved to California and took my first job as a dietitian with a community nutrition program serving the low income population for a few years. I mainly worked with women, infants, and children, but I also coordinated the employee wellness program.

In 2012, I moved back to Michigan so I could be closer to family and I ended up doing some consulting for a weight loss company.

In 2013, I decided to do my own thing and start my own biz. This is also when I became a Certified LEAP Therapist (food sensitivity expert), which sparked my love of integrative and functional medicine… and I haven’t looked back since.

On a personal level…

My husband and I got married on 10-10-10 at Michigan State University’s Horticulture Gardens. We loved the area so much that we purchased our home in East Lansing, approximately 1/2 mile away from the north end of MSU’s campus. Despite the fact that we’re close to campus, our neighborhood is pretty calm and quaint, complete with tree-lined streets, cute older homes, and a bustling walking/bicycling community.

Penny, the Boston Terrier, playing with her toy

Between a rambunctious Boston Terrier, 2 cranky house cats, and a mini flock of chickens, I’m knee-deep in fur-babies (and wouldn’t have it any other way). 🐕🐈🐓

I’m constantly experimenting in the kitchen and love finding ways to squeeze more veggies into dishes. My husband hasn’t yet accepted that he’ll forever be the guinea pig for all of my concoctions.

Working up a sweat is therapeutic for me (though that definitely wasn’t always the case). My interests are pretty widespread, but I especially love lifting weights, mixed martial arts, yoga, and walking the pooch.

I enjoy seeing the drama unfold on The Bachelor / Bachelorette and other variations of the franchise (don’t judge!)… though Heartland is by far my favorite show of all time. 🐎🐎🐎

I believe in the benefits of energy work and practice self-Reiki and Energy Editing regularly.

I often get roped into helping my husband with whatever wacky project he’s up to (reining him in can be a full-time job in and of itself 😂).

I’ve dropped more than 75 pounds by doing the very things that I talk about on the blog and in my 1-on-1 work with clients. (And I did it without having to micromanage my intake. Or give up foods that taste good.)

Ready to work on your health?

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