Chili Maple Roasted Squash Seeds

roasted winter squash seeds

The next time you prepare winter squash, don’t just toss the seeds!

Like pumpkin seeds, winter squash seeds can be roasted with any number of flavor combinations to produce a tasty treat. Add roasted winter squash seeds to salads, trail mixes, or enjoy as a stand-alone snack.

Loaded with… Continue reading

Dog Birthday Cake: Grain-Free Pupcake Recipe (Dog Cupcakes)

Grain-free pupcake recipe - Get Wellified

In May of 2018, I had a major health scare. I landed myself in the hospital after sustaining a head injury and experiencing a seizure for the first time in my life. 

Immediately before the head injury, the left side of my face started spasming uncontrollably. The spasms moved… Continue reading

How to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics

how to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics

UTI Treatment Without Antibiotics

Roughly 50-60% of all women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point in their lifetime (1). Not only are UTIs one of the most common types of bacterial infections, they’re also responsible for billions of dollars in health care costs each… Continue reading

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