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How to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics

how to get rid of a UTI without antibiotics

Nearly half of all women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point in their lifetime. Accounting for 7 to 10 million doctor visits each year, UTIs are the second most common infectious complaint seen by outpatient physicians, costing around $2 billion annually. Having had my fair share… Continue reading

Exfoliation: softer, smoother, & more youthful-looking skin in under 60 minutes

exfoliation: amazing skin in under 60 minutes

I tend to work with folks who have a lot of food and chemical sensitivities, so, naturally, I’m always on the lookout for products that work well and contain minimal chemicals/ingredients. This week, I came across a product used for exfoliation that is not only inexpensive, but requires no lotions,… Continue reading

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