LEAP Success Story: Client Interview #2


Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Tamara Kenworthy, an amazing client of mine who experienced a jaw-dropping transformation with the help of food sensitivity testing (MRT) and the LEAP Program. I hope Tamara’s story inspires you and gives you hope that it’s never too late to change your life! <3

What was your life like before MRT/LEAP and what made you decide to “pull the trigger” and pursue food sensitivity testing?

Life before LEAP was increasingly frustrating. Feeling sluggish, bloated, tired (make that exhausted), headaches all the time, and I just didn’t feel like me anymore. I did a lot (I mean a LOT) of research online trying to find things that would make me feel better and all roads led to one thing….FOOD. What we put in our bodies (or as I learned, what we leave OUT) has a drastic effect on how you feel. I decided to hire a dietician to guide me in the right direction and MRT testing kept popping up in my search for the right dietician. I interviewed several and after speaking with Amanda and reading the content on her blog, it was the clear choice for me.

When you received your test results, what thoughts went through your mind? Were you surprised by the results at all?

client-interview-2-leap-mrtI was SHOCKED by the results. Some of my favorite and most frequently consumed foods were some of the most reactive foods! Shrimp? Coconut? I was really blown away at how many veggies I reacted to. Everything kind of clicked – just because it’s considered a healthy food didn’t mean it was the right food for me.

You decided that you didn’t want to have all the fun to yourself, so you got your hubby on board to get tested as well – what was it like going through this process together?

WONDERFUL. I knew he would benefit from this, and we were both curious what our results would be like. Would they be the same, what would be different? Once we got our results back and began the LEAP processes it was great to have the support of someone who is going through it too and actually understands what and how we are to eat. We both learned how to navigate through our new norm. We tried new foods together and really enjoyed getting creative in how to incorporate the different food choices into our diet. Who knew we’d love something like spelt or millet so much!?

What was the eating plan like for you? How did it compare to what you were eating prior to LEAP?

The eating plan was so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. Nothing could compare to the way we used to eat and the way we learned to eat from LEAP. When I shared what my husband and I were doing and what our results were with my family and some of my friends, the common question always came up, “You can’t eat ________ anymore?!” My answer was, “Why would I want to eat something I know would make me feel crappy?” Although restrictive at times, I never felt like I couldn’t eat what I used to eat. I didn’t want to eat what I used to eat, meaning the things I was reactive to. I knew that the reactive foods may taste good, but the consequences of feeling so crappy made it easy to say good bye for now!

Did you encounter any stumbling blocks throughout this process? If so, how did you handle those obstacles?

We started LEAP right at the beginning of having company for a month at our house. There was a lot to prepare for and I stumbled the first time we took them out to dinner. I ate something that had a reactive ingredient in it and I had a very uncomfortable reaction in the restaurant. Lesson learned!! Once was enough of that. Moving forward I engaged my house guests in the plan my husband and I were on, and we actually had fun getting creative; and they loved trying new foods right along side of us. I don’t recommend anyone attempting restaurant dining while in the first couple of phases of LEAP. Too many unknowns.

Is there anything you miss about the way you used to eat? If so, how have you been coping with that?

There is nothing I miss about the way I used to eat, knowing now what I have learned in this process. If I were to revert back to the old ways, I know that I would feel terrible all over again and I’m never going back there. This was not a diet; this was learning how to eat specifically for my body. I don’t miss the way I ate before LEAP and I don’t crave those foods anymore. It’s as if someone pressed CNTRL, ALT, DLT and rebooted my system. Now that I’m rebooted and feel so good, it’s easy to maintain eating healthy to maintain feeling so good. I felt too crappy to ever go back. I wish I found the MRT test and did LEAP long ago, but it’s never too late to make a choice that benefits your body and life in such a drastic way.

What are some of the most significant changes you’ve seen since starting LEAP? Was it worth it?

How great I feel!!! What I thought were allergy symptoms weren’t; it was food sensitivities, which all went away. I don’t feel bloated, gassy and fluffy, I have so much more energy, I’m sleeping better, even my skin looks glowy! Having acne in your 40’s is the pits and it was all due to the way I used to eat. Not anymore! My hair was really starting to thin out and I had so much hair loss every time I washed my hair. Now it’s thick and full and my outer appearance reflects what’s happening on the inside. Taking the MRT test and going through LEAP was so worth it and I would do it again and again if I had to.

What types of people would you recommend MRT and LEAP to? What frame of mind do you think they need to be in to maximize their success on the program?

EVERYONE should take MRT and go through LEAP. No one should be exempt because it’s really important to know what your specific body reacts to. People think “well I’ll eat carrots and celery because it’s healthy.” I thought the same thing; but carrots are something I learned I was very reactive to. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean your body can accept that food without having a reaction of some sort. We are not all created equal in that sense and knowing what makes your body tick and what makes your body react is an important thing to make sure your body runs at it’s natural and optimal level. To feel your very best, you have to know what is best for your special and unique self. The frame of mind people need to be in: simply be committed to yourself. You’re worth it and your body will thank you.

What else would you like to share about your journey?

This is a journey I never want to end; and the cool thing is…..it does’t have to. Every day I have choices about what goes into my body. Now I know what makes me feel great, and what makes me feel terrible. It’s almost like choosing to put gasoline into your car, or to put sand into it instead. I know what it’s like to feel terrible, to be so bloated you feel like you’re going to explode, to feel sluggish and drag all day only to feel anxious and awake all night, to have unexpected diarrhea that makes you wonder if you have food poisoning….. It’s a vicious, terrible, painful cycle. Now I have learned, thanks to Amanda’s guidance through this process, what my new normal looks like, tastes like and feels like. Amanda was so knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and available every time I needed her or had a question. I knew what I was hoping for when I began this process, but what I actually got out of it was more than I could’ve ever wished for. I hope more people educate themselves about MRT testing, the vital importance of it’s customized results, and allowing themselves to feel better than imaginable. I could’t be more grateful and appreciative.

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