ONE-ON-ONE SERVICES - individualized attention & support

Overcome Inflammation: get to the root of your health issues (MRT / LEAP)

Inflammation is intimately involved in most ongoing health issues... and when you're in a state of constant inflammation, the last thing your body is worried about is healing. Put your body in a better position to heal itself with a customized, anti-inflammatory approach to eating.

Whether you have crappy digestive issues, mind-blowing migraines, low energy levels, pesky pounds to lose, or just generally feel like sh*t, I've got you covered.

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DIY TOOLS - go at your own pace

Stress Detox (book)

Stress creates a toxic environment for your body, mind, and soul.

In my book, Stress Detox, I take you through many different strategies to help you reduce the toxic stress in your life. Stress Detox goes beyond emotional worries; you'll get insights into several areas of your life that are contributing to the overall burden that your body is left to carry.

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Holistic Weight Loss Program

Discover the REAL reasons why you've had challenges losing weight (and actually keeping it off) and tackle the root cause of your weight gain, head-on.

This is NOT about meal plans. Or counting calories. Or going low-carb. Or exercising your ass off.

This is about bringing balance back to your body (and life!) so you can finally feel good in your own skin (and actually learn to work with your body instead of against it).

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PRODUCTS - apparel, decor, housewares, & more

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