Your health isn't just how you feel...
It’s how you show up in life.

Whether you’re heading out to have a wild and crazy night with the girls, going in for a <muy importante> meeting with a fancy-pants client, or trekking it on some kick-ass trails, one thing’s for sure:

The secret to killin’ it in life? Is to feel freaking amazing.
And the secret to feeling amazing? Is to eat foods that MAKE you feel amazing.

Sure, you’ve managed to figure out a few things on your own.

You might’ve ventured into a health food store or two… maybe did the organic thing.

You’ve probably tried your fair share of supplements... and let's not even talk about the countless hours spent reading hundreds (thousands?) of Amazon reviews.

And I’m sure you’ve consulted the wise and powerful Google about your health on more than one occasion (no shame in that).

But there’s just one little problem:

Despite all of your best efforts, you STILL feel like shit.

And your health is holding you back.

Holding you back from actually enjoying a night out and being that fun and exuberant girl that everyone flocks around.

Holding you back from being that sharp and witty hot-shot who has a gigantic waiting list of clients that are begging dying to work with you (and paying big money for it, too <cha-ching>).

Holding you back from having the energy and confidence to go off on adventures, like hiking the trails in Colorado, riding the rapids in Alaska, or soaking up the art and culture in Spain.

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When you eat foods that your body THRIVES on, your entire demeanor changes.

Life becomes a hell of a lot easier (and you’re better equipped to handle whatever’s thrown your way).

You don’t feel like a hot mess all the time. (Adios to constantly forgetting things. Like your phone. Your keys. That deadline <whoops>.)

You have energy to spare (without needing an IV drip of caffeine).

That extra weight you’ve been carrying around starts to fall right off (hello, confidence).

Things like embarrassing digestive issues or nasty migraines start to disappear (beating the pants off the results of any pill <hold the side effects>).

And figuring out foods that make you thrive? That’s where I come in.

I help women discover the foods that make them feel fan-freaking-tastic, ditch the foods that are dragging them down, and dig in to the whys of their cravings and food choices. (And yes, there’s much more to cravings than, “I just want some damn chocolate” – trust me.)

Because, even though you’ve survived all these years, life is about more than just survival.

This is about not being held hostage by your shitty health issues (so you can finally do the things that you’ve been secretly wanting to do but haven’t because of your health).

This is about attracting amazing people and experiences and adventures into your life.

This is about bringing out that confidence and putting YOURSELF in the driver's seat for a change.

Bottom line: I can help you feel like the absolute best version of yourself so you can be free to live out the best version of your life.

Pretty liberating, eh?

Here's the thing...

You know those shitty health issues you've been dealing with? Well, that's your body's response when you're not listening to all of its pleas... it has basically resorted to screaming at the top of its lungs to try and get your attention. Fortunately for you, I can act as sort of a translator between you and your body, so you can finally discover what your body has been trying to convey to you all this time.

99.9% of other health profs out there would just assign you some generic food list of dos and donts based on your symptoms or conditions… then they're quick to blame you when their precious food list doesn't work.

That's not what I do.

I go about things a bit differently around here, which is why my clients get huge, life-changing, holy-freaking-cow results.

You see, you're NOT some person with xyz symptom or condition… you're YOU. You're UNIQUE. You're a FREAKING SNOWFLAKE (too far?). And YOU need advice that's 100% tailored to what YOUR body actually needs (or doesn't need, as the case may be).

This is why I enlist the help of a super sophisticated, cutting-edge blood test to help figure things out. Because figuring out what you need? Requires deciphering what your body has been trying to tell you. And the best way to do that is to have a little conversation with your body on a cellular level.

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) does just that.

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How it all works

MRT measures how much inflammation is produced when different foods and chemicals are present. Inflammation is actually at the core of most ongoing health issues (digestive issues, low energy levels, migraines, aches and pains, weight issues... you name it).

In a nutshell, when white blood cells come into contact with something that they see as a threat, they release chemical weapons that cause inflammation, which you can experience as any number of symptoms. When you take away the foods and chemicals that your white blood cells don't like, symptoms start to disappear (like magic!). Just about any food or chemical has the potential to trigger inflammation (even "healthy" ones!), which is why MRT is so helpful.

Testing is only one part of the equation, though. How you use the results makes a huge difference… and this is what separates the amateur-ish so-so results from the oh-my-friggin-God-I-feel-awesome results.

I use a proven system that is designed to reduce the most amount of inflammation in the least amount of time. This system is a dietary protocol known as LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance).

I combine MRT/LEAP with my own kick-ass expertise in functional medicine and holistic health to get my clients feeling better than ever as quickly as possible.

This means that you can get back to living this thing called life sooner than you ever imagined.

The nitty gritty details

Here’s what's included in this program:

  • Testing with the Mediator Release Test for 150 common foods and chemicals (pretty much 150 different blood tests all rolled up into one); this also includes:
    • Coordination of your test kit and blood draw – the blood test kit will be shipped to you and I’ll assist you with finding a lab or phlebotomist near you to perform the blood draw
    • Pre-paid FedEx Express shipping of your test kit/blood sample
  • 3 sessions provided to you over the phone, so you don’t have to get in the car… or even put on pants if you don’t want to (shhh… I won’t tell)
  • Unlimited access to me via e-mail for the duration of your program, so you can ask questions whenever they come up
  • Step by step instructions and guides, so you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way

During our time together, you'll:

  • Receive a completely customized eating plan that's based on your test results, your medical condition(s), your food preferences, and other parameters that are unique to you - following this eating plan is KEY to getting the life-changing results that you desire (think 50-80% symptom improvement in as little as 2 weeks!)
  • Discover hidden sources of your inflammatory foods and chemicals (you'd be AMAZED at where some of these little guys can pop up)
  • Gain access to TONS of meal ideas and recipes to help you keep things interesting (and tasty)
  • Learn about other lifestyle edits that are absolutely necessary to optimize your health (ignore these at your peril)

Your investment: $995

(Pssst... pinching pennies? Check out the online package for a reduced rate.)


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Kind words

"There is nothing I miss about the way I used to eat, knowing now what I have learned in this process. If I were to revert back to the old ways, I know that I would feel terrible all over again and I’m never going back there. This was not a diet; this was learning how to eat specifically for my body. I don’t miss the way I ate before LEAP and I don’t crave those foods anymore. It’s as if someone pressed CNTRL, ALT, DLT and rebooted my system. Now that I’m rebooted and feel so good, it’s easy to maintain eating healthy to maintain feeling so good. I felt too crappy to ever go back. I wish I found the MRT test and did LEAP long ago, but it’s never too late to make a choice that benefits your body and life in such a drastic way.


Every day I have choices about what goes into my body. Now I know what makes me feel great, and what makes me feel terrible. It’s almost like choosing to put gasoline into your car, or to put sand into it instead. I know what it’s like to feel terrible, to be so bloated you feel like you’re going to explode, to feel sluggish and drag all day only to feel anxious and awake all night, to have unexpected diarrhea that makes you wonder if you have food poisoning….. It’s a vicious, terrible, painful cycle. Now I have learned, thanks to Amanda’s guidance through this process, what my new normal looks like, tastes like and feels like. Amanda was so knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and available every time I needed her or had a question. I knew what I was hoping for when I began this process, but what I actually got out of it was more than I could’ve ever wished for. I hope more people educate themselves about MRT testing, the vital importance of it’s customized results, and allowing themselves to feel better than imaginable. I could’t be more grateful and appreciative."

Tamara Kenworthy
Costa Mesa, California
See the full interview with Tamara here:


"After struggling with digestive issues and pain for years, I am so happy that I decided to try the LEAP program with Amanda Austin. I was looking for a program that was “health” based (not just weight loss based) because as I get older, I am becoming more concerned about inflammation in my body. The LEAP program is not a “diet” but is a change in lifestyle based upon a program tailored to each individual.

Being so busy, I find it hard to travel to appointments so I wanted a phone/e-mail based option and in my search, I came across Amanda’s website. I chose to do the full program with Amanda which included both phone calls and e-mails. I needed someone to be “accountable to” and felt that choosing the package with both would keep me on track.....and it did!

Amanda has an efficient and easy to use system for setting up phone appointments. She was always on time and our calls were enjoyable and informative. We had three calls throughout the program where we discussed the specifics of the program and she followed up with e-mails packed with great information. As I worked through the various phases, I could e-mail her anytime with questions. She was very prompt in replying to my e-mails, always supportive and provided answers to my questions along with lots of food ideas.

While on the program, I was very strict in the first two weeks and quickly noticed a decrease in “puffiness” in my body. Throughout the course of the program, I noticed a decrease in bloating and pain, weight loss and some of my skin issues cleared up! The part that I like most about this program was being challenged to only eat “whole” foods – I didn’t eat any “processed” foods while going through the various phases.

Overall the LEAP program has changed how I view food and I now focus on minimizing processed foods and try to fuel my body with the best food options possible for MY body. I am learning to be very creative in the kitchen and feeling the best that I have in a long time! A huge thank you Amanda for helping me find a healthier way to live!!"

Dana Sambogna
West Yarmouth, Massachusetts


"After about 4 months, the obvious things like the wheezing and breathing problems are gone. I’ve had huge improvements in my migraine headaches, mental clarity, energy levels and depression. I weaned off my depression and anxiety meds with my doctor’s help – pretty proud of this! A great benefit that I didn’t expect – weight loss."

Sue H.
Portage, Pennsylvania
See the full interview with Sue here:


“After recently completing the LEAP program with Amanda I can simply say she helped change my life for the better. For years migraines have plagued me and I was desperate to get them under control, that’s when I found Amanda’s website. The program taught me how much the food I am eating affects my health & wellbeing. It showed me that 95% of my migraines were food related. Now, by eliminating my problem foods, my migraines are under control. Going forward I have the knowledge base to eliminate any future triggers that may develop. That for me is worth its weight in gold.”

Marie Whitehall
Denver, Colorado


From a client diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis:

"So, I got my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) tested on Monday and remarkably, the result was 0.57! This is on the better end of normal! Just as a reference, 4 years ago, my TSH was 12 without medication. During my pregnancy with [daughter], my value was around 3.5 - 4.0, medicated. I haven't had thyroid medicine for probably 3-4 weeks."


From a client diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS):

"I went to see my endocrinologist today and was shocked to find out that I no longer need Metformin [medication]! I've only been on this eating plan for 3 weeks so far and am absolutely stunned at how quickly things are turning around for me. Thanks so much for all your help!"


The catch?

You have to do the work.

This isn't just about changing what you're eating; it's about improving your relationship with yourself.

That's why I'm making myself available to you whenever you need me.

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And THAT level of support from me? Requires a major commitment from you.

If you...

  • Are not willing to give up foods that are hurting you
  • Are not willing to keep records of what you eat (for at least a few weeks)
  • Are not willing to explore other areas of your life that are damaging your health
  • Are easily frustrated and quit at the drop of a hat
  • Are afraid to ask for help when you need it

... then this program is NOT for you.

But if you're SERIOUS about getting better and you're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen (don't worry, nothing illegal), we should talk!

Let me handle the health part, so you can get back to the living part.

Just to make sure we're a good fit, I’m offering you a complimentary phone consultation where we’ll chat about your lifestyle and health and settle on the best course of action to meet your goals. Click below to complete your application and to claim this free session with me.

Let’s kick your shitty health issues in the teeth, together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits from this program?

If you have digestive issues, migraines, weight issues, low energy levels, or other symptoms/conditions with an inflammatory component (which, lets face it, is most of them), you will benefit from this program. If you just can't seem to pinpoint what's wrong and generally feel like shit, you will benefit from this program. If your health is standing in the way of actually being able to live your life, you will benefit from this program. If you're on medications that you're paying tons of money out the ass for, yet see little to no actual improvements (and maybe even a whole host of side effects), you will (definitely) benefit from this program. If you were given perplexed looks by your doctor about what the f*ck is wrong with you, you will probably benefit from this program.

The only way you wouldn't benefit from this program is if you don't follow through with it.

Tell me more about inflammation.

Think of your immune system as being made up of a bunch of tiny little ninjas that fight off bad guys. Anytime your immune system goes into attack mode, it creates inflammation. Inflammation is ok (and completely necessary) in SMALL doses, especially if your immune system's fighting off things that are of actual threat (like nasty bacteria or viruses or other pathogens that find their way into your body through cuts or food or the air or other top secret passageways).

But sometimes your immune system f*cks up and starts attacking food instead (this is what the Mediator Release Test picks up on, which identifies delayed hypersensitivity reactions, otherwise known as food sensitivities). When this happens, inflammation becomes on-going… and you start to feel all these different symptoms (digestive issues, migraines, low energy levels, you name it). When your body is in a constant state of inflammation, the immune system gets taxed – it has to work a whole lot harder just to keep up… and your health, ultimately, gets a lot worse over time (no bueno).

Tell me more about MRT – why is testing important?

The Mediator Release Test (MRT) identifies delayed hypersensitivity reactions (food sensitivities) by measuring the changes in immune cells that occur when different foods and chemicals are introduced. There are other blood tests out there that claim to identify food sensitivities through different modalities than MRT, but these tests have been shown to be far less accurate and far less helpful (which is why I've chosen to use MRT with my clients). MRT is a SUPER important component in identifying food sensitivities.

Symptoms of food sensitivities can be delayed 3 to 4 days (sometimes more) and the response is dose-dependent (meaning a small amount may not cause noticeable symptoms, but larger amounts will… and the dose that's needed for YOU to experience symptoms is different than what's needed for other people <like the neighbor down the street, your co-worker, your second cousin twice removed> to experience symptoms). Because of this, it’s EXTREMELY difficult (if not impossible) and time consuming to determine which food(s) caused the reactions without testing.

Also, some people may have sensitivities to a chemical found in certain foods, but not the food itself. Take solanine, for example, which is found in tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplants, and others. If you're sensitive to solanine, a little bit of potato may not cause an obvious reaction, but if that potato was eaten along with tomatoes and peppers, you might have a full-blown immune response.

Some other unlucky folks may be sensitive to foods/chemicals that are also found in personal care products and household items. One example of this is coconut, which can be found in detergent, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other “foamy” items (usually coconut is listed under the names of sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or cocomide in these items). So, even if the coconut-sensitive person doesn’t eat coconut, in some cases, they could still have a reaction from non-food items that contain a derivative of coconut. (Tricky business, I know.)

So, again, testing takes much of the guesswork out of the equation, which helps you feel better a lot quicker. If you'd rather DIY-it with a bunch of trial and error instead of forkin' over the money to get tested, expect to be at it for months or years (and you probably still wouldn't get anywhere near the stellar results that are seen with the appropriate testing and protocol).

What types of foods can I develop sensitivities to??

You can develop sensitivities to just about any food (even "healthy" ones) - fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, meats, grains, dairy... you name it. One thing you can't really develop a sensitivity to is salt (salt/sodium is needed in certain amounts for survival). Virtually everything else is fair game, though (which, again, is why testing is so important).

What’s the difference between MRT and ALCAT?

MRT and ALCAT were invented by the same person (Dr. Pasula), but MRT is a more “advanced” blood test that measures food sensitivities with a lot more accuracy and reliability. MRT, when utilized by a qualified LEAP dietitian (like myself), helps to produce the best possible outcomes for clients suffering from food sensitivities. ALCAT is a little more well-known because it’s been around longer and because the people who work for ALCAT aggressively market their testing, but this does NOT mean that the ALCAT technology is better. Take a look at for more science-y specifics.

What’s the difference between food sensitivities and food allergies? Does MRT test for food allergies?

Food sensitivities and food allergies are both immune responses, but there are different mechanisms and cells involved. Food allergies are mediated by immunoglobulin E (IgE) and involve mast cell activation. Symptoms of food allergy usually occur in a matter of 30 minutes or less and the reaction can be pretty severe. Food sensitivities, on the other hand, are non-IgE immune reactions and can involve a wider range of white blood cells and mechanisms. Because of the different mechanisms and cells involved, MRT does not test for food allergies.

On the plus side, due to the nature of the LEAP protocol used throughout this program, it's usually a lot easier to identify any hidden food allergies that you didn't notice before (as well as food intolerances or other non-food-sensitivity-related reactions). [For more info on how allergies work, see this post:]

If MRT showed that I have food sensitivities, will I always have the same sensitivities?

Maybe, maybe not - unfortunately there's not really a simple answer for this.

Many people with food sensitivities have found that, months (or longer) down the road (after the immune system has had plenty of time to calm down), they can once again enjoy the foods they were sensitive to, as long as they aren’t over-consumed. If the issues that led to the development of food sensitivities are taken care of, this betters your chances of being able to enjoy those foods again. Sometimes the initial causes of food sensitivities are pretty obvious, but sometimes not so much. It's also possible that food sensitivities can change over time (new ones could develop). I cover all of these topics throughout this program (I got ya covered).

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