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What are your top 3 priorities for your health right now?
What are you willing to do to achieve your health goals? What are you NOT willing to do?
What, if anything, have you tried to help with your health issues? (Any diet changes or other therapies?)
Has your doctor diagnosed you with any health conditions? If so, please list.
Are you taking any medications or supplements? If so, please list (and specify the dose you're currently taking).
On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the worst), how stressful would you say your day-to-day life is on average?
How many days of work/school have you missed in the last month due to illness?

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Constitutional Symptoms

Fatigue (tired, sluggish):
Hyperactive (nervous energy):
Restless (can't relax/sit still):
Daytime sleepiness:
Insomnia at night:
Malaise (feeling lousy):

Emotional/Mental Symptoms

Anxiety (fears, uneasiness):
Mood swings (rapid, distinct changes):
Irritability (anger, hostility):
Lack of concentration/focus:
Low sex drive:


Headache (not migraine):
Ear infection:
Ringing in ears:
Itchy ears:
Discharge from ears:
Sensitivity to sound:


Blemishes, acne:
Rashes, hives:
Eczema, psoriasis:
Rosy cheeks:
Itchy skin:


Post nasal drip:
Sinus pain:
Runny nose:
Stuffy nose:


Sore throat:
Swollen throat:
Swelling/burning of lips/tongue:
Gagging or throat clearing:
Lesions/canker sores:
Difficulty swallowing:


Chest congestion:
Dry cough:
Wet cough:
Shortness of breath:


Red or swollen eyes:
Watery eyes:
Itchy eyes:
Dark circles or baggy eyes:
Sensitivity to light:


Increased urinary frequency:
Painful urination:
Bladder pain:


Joint pain/aching:
Stiff joints:
Muscle aches:
Stiff muscles:
Tics (facial or otherwise):
Muscle spasms:
Muscle cramps:


Irregular heartbeat:
High blood pressure:


Stomach pains/cramps:
Intestinal pains/cramps:
Bloating sensation:
Gas (of any kind):
Painful elimination:

Weight Management

Fluctuating weight:
Food cravings:
Water retention:
Binge eating or drinking:
Purging (all methods):

What other health info would you like to share? (Feel free to list any symptoms that were not already mentioned.)

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I understand that the LEAP protocol involves following a strict diet for the first few weeks and that deviating from this diet will affect my success on this program.*
I understand that the diet is most restrictive during the first 10-14 days and gets progressively less restrictive throughout the program. I understand that I may be limited to only 20-30 foods for the first 10-14 days of the eating plan.*
I understand that I will be required to avoid any foods that are not tested by the Mediator Release Test for the first few weeks of the eating plan.*
I understand that I will be required to be diligent about reading food labels/ingredient lists and I understand that I will need to keep records of everything that I'm eating (for at least the first few weeks).*
I understand that, for best results, I will need to cook my meals from scratch as much as possible.*
I understand that I may need to change certain personal care products (and, in some cases, household products) if they contain ingredients that I'm sensitive to.*
I understand that MRT's results are reflective of what's going on in my body right now and that these test results can change over time. I understand that I'll have better success on the program if I start the LEAP diet protocol within 4 months of getting tested. If I delay starting the diet significantly, I understand that I may need to get re-tested.*

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