Down 12 pounds! My goal is to get healthy and strong 💪 and weight loss is just a side benefit. #fibromyalgia makes me feel painful and weak so I push through and get out there and live my #bestlife. Last year I got a #mrt test done ✅ with my nutritionist Amanda Austin who helped me understand what foods were reactive and what foods were non reactive to me. Just because the coconut craze is considered a “healthy” food, I can no longer eat it because it’s a highly reactive food for me. Carrots 🥕 too are considered healthy but for me, highly reactive. So now I know what MY unique body reacts to and it’s made all the difference in the world 🌎 to my health, my pain, inflammation, digestive health, it’s eliminated migraines and all kinds of other things I thought were “normal.” Why don’t more people get this done?? #mrt #leap #getwellified #nowiknow #healthyandstrong #takethatfibro #fibrofighter #crushingmygoals

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“Amanda Austin you changed my life and taught me so much. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism. Why more people don’t know about MRT tests is crazy. I hope to bring more awareness to the benefit of this life changing miracle I found with you. No pill, no complicated plan or counting calories or points, just straight forward simplicity based on my MRT TEST. A MILLION THANK YOU’s”


From a client who “graduated” from her health program:

“It has been a year and 4 months that the two of us (you and me) are working together to improve my health. You have been one of my Guardian Angels during this period, you have helped, encouraged, supported, educated and taught me a lot, which got me through tough and painful times. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best that the universe has to offer.”


“There is nothing I miss about the way I used to eat, knowing now what I have learned in this process. If I were to revert back to the old ways, I know that I would feel terrible all over again and I’m never going back there. This was not a diet; this was learning how to eat specifically for my body. I don’t miss the way I ate before LEAP and I don’t crave those foods anymore. It’s as if someone pressed CNTRL, ALT, DLT and rebooted my system. Now that I’m rebooted and feel so good, it’s easy to maintain eating healthy to maintain feeling so good. I felt too crappy to ever go back. I wish I found the MRT test and did LEAP long ago, but it’s never too late to make a choice that benefits your body and life in such a drastic way.


Every day I have choices about what goes into my body. Now I know what makes me feel great, and what makes me feel terrible. It’s almost like choosing to put gasoline into your car, or to put sand into it instead. I know what it’s like to feel terrible, to be so bloated you feel like you’re going to explode, to feel sluggish and drag all day only to feel anxious and awake all night, to have unexpected diarrhea that makes you wonder if you have food poisoning….. It’s a vicious, terrible, painful cycle. Now I have learned, thanks to Amanda’s guidance through this process, what my new normal looks like, tastes like and feels like. Amanda was so knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and available every time I needed her or had a question. I knew what I was hoping for when I began this process, but what I actually got out of it was more than I could’ve ever wished for. I hope more people educate themselves about MRT testing, the vital importance of it’s customized results, and allowing themselves to feel better than imaginable. I could’t be more grateful and appreciative.”

Tamara Kenworthy
Costa Mesa, California

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“After about 4 months, the obvious things like the wheezing and breathing problems are gone. I’ve had huge improvements in my migraine headaches, mental clarity, energy levels and depression. I weaned off my depression and anxiety meds with my doctor’s help – pretty proud of this! A great benefit that I didn’t expect – weight loss.”

Sue H.
Portage, Pennsylvania

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From a client diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis:

“So, I got my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) tested on Monday and remarkably, the result was 0.57! This is on the better end of normal! Just as a reference, 4 years ago, my TSH was 12 without medication. During my pregnancy with [daughter], my value was around 3.5 – 4.0, medicated. I haven’t had thyroid medicine for probably 3-4 weeks.”


“After recently completing the LEAP program with Amanda I can simply say she helped change my life for the better. For years migraines have plagued me and I was desperate to get them under control, that’s when I found Amanda’s website. The program taught me how much the food I am eating affects my health & wellbeing. It showed me that 95% of my migraines were food related. Now, by eliminating my problem foods, my migraines are under control. Going forward I have the knowledge base to eliminate any future triggers that may develop. That for me is worth its weight in gold.”

Marie Whitehall
Denver, Colorado


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